Specifications for Laminated Face Only
Plastic Cards and Forms

General Specifications:
The standard card size is 2-1/8″ x 3-3/8″. On the card, screens and solids are OK in the area of laser imaging. If copy on the card bleeds, make sure to bleed the copy 1/8″ beyond the edge of the card. On the form, while it is OK to bleed copy on the top, left and right, do not bleed copy on all 4 sides (we need 5/8″ lock up space vertically).

Layout if you want Membership Cards Only® LLC to typeset:
For all orders requiring typesetting, we require a rough layout showing copy position, color separation and position of variable data. A black and white, camera copy, color separated logo should be included for best results.

If you submit an electronic disk for copy:
Mac disk is preferred (but PC based is accepted) for page layout, illustration applications, scanned photos and line art. The following Mac and PC programs are supported: (1) QuarkXpress; (2) PageMaker; (3) PhotoShop; (4) Illustrator; (5) Freehand. Accepted media formats are: (1) CD; (2) Zip Disk; (3) Floppy Disk; (4) Syquest Disk and (5) email (please call us for email address as we have several to accept copy transmissions).

For all electronic files, we need the following:

  1. Include a hard copy of the directory for all files on the disk
  2. Include a color-separated hard copy of the card and form.
  3. Best to set card copy and form copy in the same file.
  4. All fonts used must be included on the disk.
  5. All graphics used must be included on the disk.
  6. Be sure to send us the original file so we can trap and correct the file.

If you send negatives:
Color separated negatives must be to exact size. A separate set of negatives is required for the card and for the form. Negatives need to be right reading, emulsion side down. The line screen for the card should be 133 lines per inch. The line screen for the form should be 133 lines per inch. Bleed must extend 1/8″ beyond bleed edge. All colors that trap should allow .015 point trapping