Traditional Cards

Membership Cards Only, LLC can produce all kinds of cards with thicknesses ranging from 5 Mil to 30 Mil.

Membership Cards Only, LLC produces laser compatible or digitally compatible cards that have thicknesses ranging from about 5 Mil up to 15Mil. These are cards that are affixed to various sized forms.

Membership Cards Only, LLC also produces individual cards that range in thickness from 7 Mil up to 30 Mil. These cards can personalized in a number of ways including embossing, thermal imaging, DOD imaging, digital imaging, ink jet imaging and other imaging processes.

Quantities from 1,000 to 10,000,000

  1. Laser Compatible and Digitally Compatible Cards
  2. Teslin DigiCards and Digi Key Fobs
  3. Plastic Cards
  4. Paper Cards
  5. Environmentally Friendly Cards
  6. Full Service Fulfillment (including card personalization)